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The pandemic has brought the economy on Langkawi to a virtual standstill. As a result many people are struggling to survive, to the point where they have no money to buy food for their families. RCL is supporting Y-connect to provide the most basic foodstuffs for local communities.

Y-Connect Foodbank “Care Packs” and Rotary Kitchen Langkawi
Y-Connect Foodbank “Care Packs” was an idea put together and initially solely implemented by Y-Connect in Kuah Langkawi. The purpose and goal of this initiative, which commenced in October 2020, was to help feed and help sustain starving families whose main bread-winners had been knocked out of their normal income stream or employment by the Covid19 pandemic.

When The Rotary Club of Langkawi was made aware of this initiative it was quick to assist and since early in the program has been able to provide financial and administrative support and has committed to continue doing so.

As at 31st Dec 2020, Y-Connect and Rotary Kitchen have provided food in the form of both “Care Packs” and Rotary Kitchen cooked meals to more than 600 families in need. A Foodbank “Care Pack” is a basket of groceries containing a 5kg bag of rice, 2 litres of cooking oil, 2 cans of sardines, 1 bottle of soya sauce and 30 eggs.

In the month of October Y-Connect conducted five “Foodbank Care Pack” distribution drives and delivered 137 “Care Packs” to individual needy families in Kuah town, Pulau Tuba, and Kisap. In November 2020, a further 30 families received “Care Packs”. In December 2020, thanks to various generous donors, our Food-drives were on a bigger scale and we provided 260 families with “Care Packs” and 300 individual cooked meals.
The Kuok Foundation funded 260 “Care Packs”.

Legacy Point donated 100 cooked meals and The Rotary Kitchen provided 100 cooked meals for the needy supplied by Flamingoh’s restuarant. Y-Connect and Rotary Kitchen provided an additional 100 cooked meals supplied by Telaga Seafood in Pantai Chenang.

The response from the recipients was overwhelming. There were tears of joy and hope in their eyes. It was a very emotional moment for many of the volunteers. To bring hope to the people in need was indeed an honor and a privilege to us all. The real problem is we feel that it will get worse before it gets better and although we have some pledged donations we need additional donations from the public at large in order to continue our work helping the Langkawi community survive the Covid19  pandemic.

You can now donate privately to a new Rotary bank account, specifically set up for receiving donations from the public in an open, transparent and professional manner. Details of this bank account are:

Public Islamic Bank Berhad,
Pulau Langkawi Branch
Account Number: 3818313823,
Rotary Club of Langkawi.
Swift code: PBBEMYKL, for donations from overseas.

The Rotary Club of Langkawi will issue a receipt for every donation if required, and you can rest assured that 100% of your donation will go to the cause. No overhead or commission is charged on your donations.

For more information about Y-Connect and Rotary, please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages and the Rotary Club of Langkawi website (

If you would like to volunteer, please call Eileen on 04-9663880 or drop by at:
44B, JLN Pelangi 2, Dayang Walk Commercial Square,07000 Kuah, Langkawi, Kedah

To see some of the work done during December and January, check out this video compilation of photos:


Supported by RCL (Rotary Club Langkawi), Y-Connect carefully selects needy recipients, prepares, packages, and delivers food packages and ready-cooked meals.
GIVE 40 RM per food package, to help Langkawi families (2 children) to cope for 1 week during these very hard times. These packages contain:
– 1 bag 5 kg rice rambutan
– 2 tins of sardines
– 2x1kg bottles of oil
– 1 bottle KICAP black soya sauce
– 1 tray of 30 eggs
To make a donation CALL 04-966 3880; or transfer your donation directly to our special ring-fenced account: Public Islamic Bank Berhad, Pulau Langkawi Branch, account number: 3818313823, Rotary Club of Langkawi, Swift code: PBBEMYKL (for international payments).
For application to receive a package: call or WhatsApp xxxxxx?
Y-Connect website: (coming soon)
Y-connect Facebook site:



In 2016 our Gift of Sight project had two components:

– used or donated spectacles for the people of Myanmar;

– eye tests and prescription glasses for the least privileged school children on Langkawi.

In 2018 we added our support for carrying out cataract surgery at Langkawi General Hospital for needy people, and this is ongoing. RCL provided good quality intraocular lenses, the cost of which was previously beyond the reach of many people on the island.

In 2020, we added a further component: intra-vitreal injections to slow macular degeneration; see February 2021 letter of appreciation from Dato Dr Haslina Mohd Ali. Dato Dr Haslina is Consultant Opthalmologist based in Alor Setar with responsibility for eye surgery and macular degeneration treatment on Langkawi

The spectacles for Myanmar project has come about through our link with a remarkable lady: traveller and author Judyth Gregory-Smith. Her link with Myanmar dates back to 1987 when she first visited what was then called Burma with her husband Richard. They had planned to return, but sadly Richard died in 2001. Since then Judyth has been a regular visitor to Myanmar, and her travels have given her insights into that country’s rich culture and helped her to overcome her loss. When she goes she takes with her as many pairs of glasses as she can collect. In a recent talk to RCL she described the joy recipients feel when they try on their ‘new’ glasses and see so much more; details and colours that failing eyesight had become unable to sense. Their new sight aid lit up a world that had been gradually getting dimmer.

On 18 April 2017 President David says: “Judyth Gregory-Smith sent me these delightful pics from a very remote village (Nyaung Pin Zauk) in Myanmar. The photos are of recipients of the spectacles donated by RCL Gifts of Sight project. A spectacular job very well done. Congratulations Judyth….you are a legend!” 

Photos from last year’s (2016’s) great golf event:

and then after the golf a sumptuous BBQ dinner at the Westin:

See coverage of the event by Chad Merchant in Expat Group’s “Senses” Magazine:

Senses Article May June 2016



Supporting Tuba Island School

We decided to “adopt” Tuba Secondary School in September 2013. Why Tuba school? Although the small island of Tuba is just a 20 minute boat ride from Kuah (the main town on Langkawi), in some ways it is a world apart. There is limited tourism and the main activity is fishing. This makes it a charming place to visit, but also means that the average family income is low. Most of the children on Tuba have had little exposure to the world outside, and their employment prospects on the island are very limited. The members of RCL decided that they wanted to support the school in trying to improve those prospects, especially by encouraging students to use the English which they are learning.

As a first step we provided dictionaries, and when it came to handing these over to the school we enlisted the help of the prestigious MARA Junior Science College, Langkawi. We got more than we asked for; one of the MRSM students gave an excellent motivational session around the theme “ It’s cool to stay in school”. At the same time we created an essay competition entitled “Living on Tuba” with cash prizes. Some of the 57 entries showed originality and creativity and the prizes were well earned.

In April 2014, Rotarians Julie and Marcel, together  with Jackson from an Australian Rotary youth club, assisted the school with an English Acitivities Day. This involved parents, teachers and students in dynamic interactive activities to encourage speaking, reading and writing in English. From April onwards, at the request of the school, Julie has visited once a month to give the students practice with a native English speaker, making their studies more meaningful.

On 22 May 2014, Langkawi District Education Office officially launched “Waves of English 2014” at the LADA Auditorium. The
launch was officiated by Dato’ Ir. Haji Nawawi Bin Haji Ahmad – a Langkawi member of parliament. Due to our commitment to Tuba School we were invited to set up a booth to illustrate our activities in the school. “Waves” aims to create an awareness of the importance of English; to improve students’ English Language proficiency with back to basics programmes; to promote the environment for fun learning of English; to provide support for teachers; and to promote sharing of best practices and materials. Rtns Julie, Gerard and Preethi staffed our booth at the event.

In August 2014, RCL was presented with an award and a certificate of recognition by the Ministry of Education (District) for our involvement in SMK Tuba. About 50 people turned up for this meeting and buffet at the Frangipani Hotel. including Assistant Governor BH Lee of RC Kulim and Past President and Past Assistant Governor Mr Ronnie Tan of RC Tanjung Bungah. President Hery gave an overview of the future plans of the club.

As the result of a casual conversation between President Hery and a teacher from the Garden International School (GIS), KL, some 11 boxes of used library books were donated by GIS to supplement the sparse stock in Tuba School library. With the help AG BH Lee and Rtn Sunil, the books were transported from KL to Sunil’s shop in Langkawi. Rtn Raksha and Hon Rtn Mirinda selected the books that were appropriate, and they were delivered to Tuba School by Rtns Julie, Marcel, and Preethi. Hon Rtn Mirinda, School Improvement Specialist Coach in English, has in-depth knowledge of Langkawi educational issues, and has played an important supportive role in Julie’s monthly visit to Tuba School.

Our latest initiative, a Day Camp for the students, came to fruition on 19 November 2014. This combined a fun day out and an educational visit to the UKM/PPL Research Centre, near Telaga on Langkawi. The researchers this centre of excellence study the geological heritage and landscape, the biology and marine heritage, the cultural heritage and local traditions, and environmental issues. Following a visit to their impressive gallery (which is open to the public) experts gave the students presentations on the biodiversity of Langkawi, appreciating the oldest rock formation in Malaysia, knowing your heritage in Langkawi. and loving our rivers. After the formal learning sessions there was an art workshop during which the students designed posters exhorting the public to keep Langkawi clean and to protect the Geopark. Those posters will be judged at the next meeting of RCL and prizes will be awarded. In the afternoon, staff, students, and Rotarians  visited the 7 Wells Waterfall for exercise, fresh air, and fellowship. Back at UKM afterwards there were presentations of gifts and certificates to staff and teachers in appreciation of their work with the students, and certificates to the students. After group photos, the students went back home on the bus and ferry arranged by RCL. A good time was had by all, as you can tell from the photos below:

Learning about Rock Formations of Langkawi Geopark

Learning about Rock Formations of Langkawi Geopark

Dr Sharina Setting a Puzzle

Dr Sharina Setting a Puzzle

Busy Creating Posters

Busy Creating Posters

Dr Goh and Students at 7 Wells Waterfall

Dr Goh and Students at 7 Wells Waterfall

Group Photo before the Students Headed back to Tuba Island

Group Photo before the Students Headed back to Tuba Island

You can see some examples of the posters created by the students during their visit to UKM by clicking Posters

Annual Mangrove Clean Up Day ( 15th March 2014, 3 Oct 2015, 2016, 2017, etc etc )

After a long wait, meticulous planning and working with other agencies we executed our biggest project ever. The cleaning up of the Kilim Kast River. We had an overwhelming response from over 1200 local volunteers who went on boats and picked up rubbish all along the Kilim River. We collected about 4 tons of waste! It was a hot day but most satisfying. This will be our signature project which we will execute every year.  Your donations towards this cause are much appreciated!

Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.15.38 PM           pic-pg-event1Screen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.13.08 PMScreen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.14.01 PMScreen shot 2014-03-23 at 9.14.59 PMScreen shot 2014-03-17 at 4.42.07 PM

photos courtesy of FLAGG


Military Community Volunteer Day ( April )

Children from As Salam orphanage visited Langkawi’s naval base and was given a basic medical check up. They were then treated to a tour of the base on a boat. This project was organised by Rotarian Captain Dr. Gerard.

Rice and Shoes Distribution to needy families (July)

In partnership with the Saibaba Centre, members of RCL distributed shoes and soya rice packets to needy families.

Co Hosting ( July )

We co-hosted an International exchange student. Ms Laura from Germany stayed with Rotarians Hery and Ken . She was shown island hospitality , Langkawi style by members of our club.

pic-pg-project-4-1 pic-pg-project-4-3

New clothes for Hari Raya ( August )

We bought new clothes for the children of As- Salam orphanage before Hari Raya. The funds came from contributions made by our club members.


Dictionaries and Essay Writing Competition ( Sept 28th and Oct 30th )

Together with very able students from MRSM Langkawi we visited a secondary school on Tuba Island. The students from MRSM gave a motivational talk on how important it is to stay in school. They thenreceived Malay – English dictionaries from our club.

The students then took part in an essay writing competition entilted “Living on Tuba Island”. The winner, first runner-up and second runner-up each received RM100, RM75 and RM50 prize money respectively.

pic-pg-project-6-1 pic-pg-project-6-2

Fund raising for Typhoon Haiyan and Family Fun Day ( December )

We held a family fun day to raise funds to help survivors of tyhoon Haiyan. We had a Zumba session for the adults, in line skating , skipping rope demonstration, aikido taster and in line skating for the children.

pic-pg-project-7-1  pic-pg-project-7-2-1pic-pg-project-7-2-2 pic-pg-project-7-2-3pic-pg-project-7-2-4 pic-pg-project-7-2-5 pic-pg-project-7-2-6pic-pg-project-7-2-7